4everAboveEV / Joseph Reiman


Long time MTT grinder. Been playing almost 15 years, used to play lots of SNGs preblack friday. But since i'm a US player, SNG's lost its appeal and now MTTS is my main focus. My biggest online score, was for 23k on ACR in the $215 sunday special. Look for me on ACR every sunday, my new screen name is 4everAboveEV. I started playing live poker just a few years ago. My work schedule is pretty busy spring through late fall, so I only play live poker series in the winter months. But when I play, I feel I have a major edge over other players, from my online skill set. I recently joined Raise your edge for training, and already feel it giving me a huge edge. Take a look at my stats below. $55, $109, $215+ are gonna be the usual action I sell.